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Best Rehabilitation Centre In Punjab

AAS DI KIRAN- A Ray Of Hope That Can Change Your Life

AAS DI KIRAN is a licensed and government-approved De Addiction Centre in Punjab that is working consistently for 11 years for the welfare of alcohol addicts. We are a family of experienced doctors, skilled therapists, and dedicated nurses who welcome clients like a family and take care of you as a family member by giving you a home-like environment away from home. We presume that there is always a scope of recovery doesn’t matter how worst your situation is.

We are AAS DI KIRAN – which means a ray of hope, and we believe in the same. With a strong commitment and positive attitude, one can get rid of the addiction leading a happy and healthy life. Every individual deserves a second chance to live a happy life, and we give them that ray of hope at the Best Rehabilitation Centre In Punjab

Thousands of people die worldwide due to excessive consumption of alcohol. Only in India, 2.5 lakh deaths are estimated due to alcohol addictions. If we only talk about Punjab, nearly 42 lakh people call for urgent help for their dependency on substance abuse, as per last year's data released by the National Survey on Extent and Pattern of Substance Use in India. It’s 20% of the state's total population, and the shocking part is these numbers are increasing exponentially.

Seeing the number of cases increasing every year is a disturbing trend. Alcoholism is a serious affair that is troubling the state government. To help people and the government overcome this disconcerting situation, AAS DI KIRAN comes up with the alcohol rehabilitation center in Punjab which is no less than a beacon of hope.

Our Approach – Look at our unique approach that ensures ultimate recovery


Prepare your body, mind and soul for a self-directed recovery

At AAS DI KIRAN, our main motto is to prepare clients for self-directed recovery to live a better-quality life free from addiction, and it starts with trusting their inner strength and self-confidence. When one feels full of perseverance then only the process of detoxification begins, which is not only medically managed but also focuses on inner healing. This intensive approach aims at repairing damages caused by excessive alcohol consumptions.

We believe that recovery will last long if it’s self-directed. Therefore, we focus more on guiding clients to develop self alcohol withdrawal habits, alleviate their cravings, and practices to re-energize their body, mind, and soul.


Our recovery-aimed processes help clients overcome their personal trauma

When a person is going through a trauma, it becomes difficult for them to make wise decisions. Sometimes, the terrifying cycles of disturbing memories force them to rely on alcohol to get rid of those painful memories. It won’t take much time for an urge to become a habit, and habit becomes an addiction. Each individual is unique, so as their needs. Similarly, the reason behind their addiction can’t be the same. That’s why we are far away from one-fit-for-all types of recovery programs.

Being the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab we believe that complete recovery is impossible without rectifying its root cause. Therefore, our recovery journey begins with identifying the real reason behind one’s trauma. Based on this, we offer custom-made recovery programs catering to individual’s unique sets of needs.


We let you identify and connect with your inner strength with a holistic approach!

At AAS DI KIRAN, we follow a holistic wellness approach to help clients regain control of their life on psychological, physical, social, spiritual levels. We are proud to say that our alcohol de-addiction recovery regime covers all those aspects that can help people leave their addictions. We aim at encouraging clients to have a positive attitude towards life, control their desires, and develop the confidence to say no to alcohol before it becomes a coping strategy in response to trauma.

We believe that one’s dependency on alcohol depends on three things- how one feels about, reacts, and behaves in response to the trauma. Therefore, we arrange therapies and sessions that focus on complete healing by treating one’s body, mind, and soul. Our holistic approach towards leading a healthy and happy life free from addictions makes us the most reliable de addiction centre in Punjab for alcohol.

Our Treatments

alcohol addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre In Punjab is one of the essential rehab facilities that help people get rid of the habit of alcoholism or alcohol abuse. Rehab Point can define as a place that offers treatment for substance abuse, especially alcoholism. It's a place where a person can get rid of all the bad habits related to alcohol and drugs.

rehabilitation centre in Punjab for depression

Depression Addiction

Depression is one of the most challenging mental health problems to treat. It's often misunderstood, and people with it face stigma and discrimination. But it's possible to recover from depression if you can access the proper treatment. Choose a treatment option that meets your needs and wants. Recovery is possible by AAS DI KIRAN (Rehab Point).

Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness

A mental health rehab centre in Punjab is a facility that offers a range of treatments for mental illness. Mental illness can be detrimental to the individual afflicted and their loved ones, sometimes even resulting in suicide. AAS DI KIRAN (Rehab Point) is available for those suffering from mental health issues, including substance abuse and addiction.

Treatment of Problem Drinking

Treatment of Problem Drinking

When problem drinking becomes a problem in your life, there is rehab help. Rehab Point specialists can help you find the right rehab program and treatment for your needs. Rehab services are available in inpatient and outpatient settings. The program most appropriate for you depends on your circumstances, such as your budget, insurance coverage, and location.

Detox Treatment

Detox Treatment

It may seem like a daunting process for those who have not been through a detox process with no end at first. However, if you knew what to expect, the process would be much easier. We want to offer some information concerning the detox process and what to expect when trying to get clean. For more information on detoxing, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is a serious issue, especially for middle-aged people. Cocaine addicts usually have no control over their lives as they are often addicted to it from a young age. They are also involved in illegal activities. A cocaine rehabilitation centre in Punjab is a place where you can quickly and efficiently solve your cocaine addiction problem and take a step toward a new life - one that is clean and healthy.

Why Choose Us?

Our trust is our uniqueness that differentiates us from others – it’s our USP

  • Our main motive is to help clients believe in their strengths and give them a ray of hope to re-live a happy life
  • We follow a 360° holistic treatment approach for lifelong recovery
  • Our team of competent therapists helps clients strengthen their body-mind relationship
  • We follow a multidisciplinary wellness program to achieve long-lasting results
  • We provide a luxurious ambiance fledged with modern amenities and all comforts
  • Our recovery treatment includes guided yoga and meditation sessions, counselling, and therapies.

Our Core Areas

We entrust people a second chance to live a happy life free from addictions

We are renowned for being the best rehab center in Punjab, Ludhiana and Amritsar. Our recovery sessions and therapies focus on whole person healing by treating their body, mind, and soul. To help clients achieve this goal, we follow a holistic healing approach that meets their distinct needs.

Our expert team always stands afore to give one-on-one personalized care to help them recover fast. Our tailor-made and customized recovery program help an individual discover their inner strength in comfort at an ambiance which is far away from home but feels like a home. Following are little steps taken to help clients achieve their goal- a long-lasting recovery leading to a happy and healthy life free from alcohol.

  • Detoxification
  • Medication
  • Counselling Therapy
  • Holistic Treatment

If someone in your family or known to your family struggles with heavy episodic drinking habits, then help them get rid of their cacoethes by introducing them to the de addiction centre in Punjab, which is none other than AAS DI KIRAN. We help people win their battle against alcohol addiction leading to a happy life.


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