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Rehabilitation Centre in Amritsar

De Addiction Center in Amritsar

That Promotes Healthy Living

Alcohol addiction is hardly limited to bad habits. The pain of personal experiences like physical and sexual abuse, grief, and losing friends to other recreational activities can push you to watch yourself take one drink or two drinks. Soon after, you become an addict. It has been found that most alcoholics have a history of family dysfunction, mental disorders, and stress.

The psychological and physical effects of alcohol consumption cause serious health problems. The nature of this addiction is such that you feel the urge to drink more and more, and this can become a desperate situation where one or two drinks are no longer enough. Alcohol dependency or alcoholism is a problem that affects an individual’s mind, body and behaviour. It's a problem of the brain, and it affects how you feel, think and act. So, it is imperative to get rid of it right away. It's where the de-addiction centre in Amritsar, Aas Di Kiran came forward to offer the required help.

De-addiction Centre in Amritsar Supports you at Each Step of Recovery

There is no secret that alcohol abuse can destroy you and those around you, emotionally and physically. At Aas Di Kiran, our rehab centre for alcohol and drugs offers a program that is not just about telling you to stop drinking, but encouraging you to believe that it can be done. There's hope for those who find themselves with addiction problems, and we offer that help.

Rehabilitation Centre in Amritsar

Why Choose AAS DI KIRAN?

Alcohol addiction leads to challenging and complicated health concerns, and it’s why one needs to get rid of it as soon as possible. At Aas Di Kiran Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre, we offer affordable de-addiction treatments to ensure that addicted individuals get back on their feet and lead a stress-free life away from addictions.

Individualized Attention

At Aas Di Kiran alcohol rehabilitation centre, we give individualized attention to each patient and monitor their recovery and progress using cutting-edge techniques. We aim at helping patients overcome their addiction problems and redirect their lives towards good health.

Experienced Psychiatrist

We have a team of highly experienced experts, including therapists, counsellors, doctors, and psychiatrists. Our rehab centre for alcohol and drugs invites you to experience a holistic health environment where you can quickly learn how to deal with your addiction.

Psychotherapy Unit

At our rehabilitation centre in Amritsar, we have a separate unit for psychotherapy where we provide de-addiction treatment followed by cognitive behavioural therapy. Get de-addicted from alcohol and take up a productive life, free of anxiety and worry.

Comfortable Stay

Aas Di Kiran is a reputed drug de-addiction treatment, counselling and rehabilitation centre in Amritsar. We offer a home-like environment that makes patients feel comfortable. Our counsellor’s motivation & supportive atmosphere helps patients to recover and stay strong.

Social Activities

One of the key aspects of every drug rehabilitation centre is to provide good recreational opportunities for the patients. Extra activities play a vital role in helping people in speedy recovery. Thus, we organize various social activities like yoga & meditation at our centre.

24/7 Available Help

We provide a place where individuals can get personal attention from experts. Every client will get an appropriate treatment program that is tailor-made to meet their specific requirements. Our experts are available 24/7, offering instant help whenever it’s required.

Do you want to Stay Away from Alcohol? Call Our De Addiction Center in Amritsar Now!

If you are an active drinker, you must know that it will eventually take its toll physically, mentally and financially. Studies show that alcohol affects the nervous system, brain function, heart rate and accelerates blood pressure. It is also shown that long term alcohol use is related to high risks of liver damage, memory loss, diabetes, obesity etc. But what most people don’t know is that alcohol addiction can be controlled with the help of treatment.

Seeking treatment for alcohol addiction is the first step to recovery. At Aas Di Kiran Rehabilitation Centre in Amritsar, you will not only be physically fit but will also be mentally sound. Besides that, you will receive support throughout the treatment period. Call us for more information on how effective alcohol addiction treatment can be.